Cutting Branches With A Pole Chainsaw

Cutting Branches With A Pole Chainsaw

Climbing a ladder to try and cut branches is a hazardous task and with the invention of the pole saw, completely unnecessary. To avoid the ladder and be happily standing on the ground, here is how to cut a branch with a pole saw:

1) Be safe
Before you start, as with any saw, make sure you are wearing a lot of safety equipment. This includes at the very least a hard hat, safety glasses, long sleeves, work boots and work gloves. Always keep both hands on the pole and maintain good balance.

2) Prepare
Figure out the branch that you are going to cut. Before you start operating the machine, adjust the pole to where it is extended to the point of the branch. When you have the saw adjusted to where you want it, make small guide incisions into the top and bottom of the branch.

3) Bottoms-up!
If you’ve ever cut through a branch without cutting the bottom, you know that once you get near the end of your cut, the branch will splinter. To avoid that, make a small V-shaped cut into the branch where you made your bottom incision.

4) Making the cut
Now it’s time to make the full cut. Move the saw to the top incision that you made earlier. While you are cutting, always be aware what is going on with the branch. Note where it’s most likely to fall at all times and avoid being in that path.