Product Catalog

New Work Safe, Non-Conductive. With Captive Nails. Eight Integral Clamps, Four Each Side. 32 Cubic Inches. Meets NEMA OS-2, UL Listed, Classified For Fire Wall Assemblies. 3" Depth X 4" X 3-3/4".

Old Work Wall Case. Safe, Non-Conductive. Two Zip-Mount Retainers. Four Integral Clamps, Two Each End; Mounting Ears. 14 Cubic Inch, 2-3/4" X 2-1/4" X 4-1/8". UL Listed.

These rectangual cut, wooden ties were tradionally used to support the steel rails of a railway to transfer loads to the track ballast, hold the rails up-right and keep the rails spaced for train wheels to ride properly on. Now Railroad Ties have become useful and economical in the homeowner's garden! Ties are great for landscaping projects where appearance is not critical: non-structural earth retaining projects, creating borders around property lines, flower garden and shrubbery and for raised garden or flower beds.

The "Revolution Series" is a line of innovative, high quality, cost effective products featuring the Circle Interlocking System and Leveling Differential Mechanism, delivering outstanding performance under the harshest conditions. 18", 3lbs.