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There are many ways to winterize your home long before snow flies, but proper winter home care doesn’t stop with winterization. Throughout the season there are different steps you can take to keep your home snug and secure all the way through to spring. How Winter Can Hurt Your Home Winter can be...

The holidays are undeniably hectic, and can be even more so if you are expecting guests. These five easy steps, however, can help you prepare your home for holiday guests to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable, and even make the season a little smoother as you celebrate together. 1. Consider...

So your old wood floor doesn’t shine like it used to, huh? If that’s the case, it’s time to get out your buffer and get to work. Here are some tips on using a buffer on your wood floors:Condition mattersIn order for this to work, your floor has to be in relatively good shape. If the wood is cracked...

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Robert "Bob" Farquharson tell us about his time at Case.

Bob tells us about his time at Case (Legends & Lore excerpt)

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