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Wood glue can be a valuable adhesive for many of the different woodworking projects that you have going on. Here are some things that you may find wood glue useful for:"Temporary" holdWood glue is great for staying in place for a long time, but it can also be used on a "temporary" basis as well. If...

Whether you are considering selling your house or just want to spruce up your property to better reflect your tastes and personality, it is easy to add curb appeal to any house. With thoughtful consideration, you can quickly give your home the facelift it deserves. What Is Curb Appeal? Curb appeal...

Woodworking encompasses an incredibly wide spectrum. This includes anything from making knickknacks and birdhouses, to building heirloom furniture and ornate mouldings. The one thing that is a constant across all of it is a basic knowledge of the materials. Almost everybody is familiar with naming...

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Robert "Bob" Farquharson tell us about his time at Case.

Bob tells us about his time at Case (Legends & Lore excerpt)

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