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In general, the process of hanging or installing sheetrock is pretty simple. The purpose of sheet rock is to cover metal or wood studs with sheets of gypsum panel or drywall so that your space has the desired structure and shape. The successful hanging of sheetrock hinges on correctly laying out...

At first glance, it would seem like the easiest way to find a remodeling contractor would be to just Google them. Of course if you did so, you’ll probably find more than enough candidates to choose from. And surely they must be the right ones for the job, because their website says so, right? Truth...

Ever walk around your home and feel like the walls are closing in? Maybe you didn’t anticipate the furniture taking up so much space or there was a new addition to the family and it’s time to open things up to make more room. Open layouts are a popular trend among new homeowners because they...

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Robert "Bob" Farquharson tell us about his time at Case.

Bob tells us about his time at Case (Legends & Lore excerpt)

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