IPEX Canplas SDR 35 45 Degree 6 In. PVC Sewer and Drain Elbow (1/8 Bend)


  • Installed in a PVC Sewer & Drain piping system when a 45 degree (1/8) change of direction is needed.
  • BENEFITS compared to other sewer and drain piping systems:
  • Costs less to operate
  • Greater hydraulic efficiency
  • Life cycle (50+ years)
  • Building sanitary, storm and landscape drainage
  • Foundation perimeter drains
  • Septic field installations
  • Unless otherwise noted, products are approved / listed by CSA International, NSF and IAPMO to standards that include: CSA B181.2, IAPMO IS5, IGC 166-2001, ASTM D1784, D2729, D3034

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